Say good bye to body odour this summer dadi ma

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer is here and many people are facing body odour due to excessive sweating. Activity of bacteria present in the sweat leads to body odour Its natural and healthy process but it can be quite an embarrassment in public and no one wants to smell like that, whole day. Learn here Dadi ma’s natural home remedies to fight against body odour.


body-odour 1. Vinegar Home Remedy

After bathing, add 2 tbsp. vinegar or apple cider vinegar in 1 mug of water and use it to rinse your armpits and other area which sweat excessive like feet. Its GrandMa natural home remedy will help to reduce your body odour.

2. Baking Soda Home Remedy


Apply dust baking soda onto your underarms and other sweat prone areas. It’s grandmother’s natural effective home remedy to cure body odour.

3. Tomatoes Home Remedy


Add juice of 6-7 medium sized tomatoes in your bathing water. This is Granny’s natural home remedy to fight body odour.

4. Tea tree oil-Alum(phitkari) Home Remedy

While bathing put a few drops of tea tree oil and 1 tsp. alum in your bathtub, before taking bath. It’s a Dadi ma’s very simple and natural home remedy thet will definitely help in reducing body odour. You can also add few drops of rose water and lemon for freshness.

5. Turnip Home Remedy


Extract juice of turnip and apply it onto your underarms and other sweat prone areas. Allow it to dry naturally. This one is grandMa’s natural home remedy that will you odour free for 10 hours.


Tips to cure Body Odour:

1. Drinking 8-10 glass of water daily will help to smell fresh.

2. Avoid spicy and pungent foods.

3. Take showers, thrice a day in summer.

4. Don’t repeat the same outfit without washing it.

5. Change your socks daily and avoid cotton socks coz they facilitate odour.


Dadi Ma says “Today to be socially active, you need to keep yourself free of body odour, Smell fresh!” :)

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