Natural Granny Home Remedies For Eyes Dark Circles

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Now a days, mostly in metro cities, people are working in late hours in office which cases Dark Circles around the eyes. There are several allopathic and other medical treatment for it but they can cause other issues. Here we have collected few Natural Home Remedies (Dadi Maa Ke Nuskhe) which will easily cure your dark circles and make you younger than you are.


What are the main causes for the eyes dark circles

  • Age
  • Over exposure to sun
  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Chronic diseases
  • Pregnancy

There are several other causes as well but these are the mains. But you don’t need to worry whether just follow any of the following natural remedy and get well soon.

  • The main remedy not only for dark circle but also for healthy routine start drinking 2 to 3 glass of warm water daily as the first thing in the early morning. Make sure you eat nothing before it. This will improve your Liver and very soon your eyes dark circle will gone. If you don’t drink that much water then drink a glass of warm water but include a lemon in it.
  • Tea bags are also very helpful as home remedy. Take two tea bags, preferably green tea, and while hot, rest on eyes for 15 minutes. This is very good natural home remedy for eyes dark circles.


  • Take some almond oil mix it with half of honey and apply it on dark circles in the night. Leave the same for whole night. This is very good natural home remedy for eyes dark circles and a preferred beauty tip. A perfect Natural Night Remedy.
  • Take some tomato juice mix it with half tea spoon of lemon juice and then mix half tea spoon Gram floor. Prepare a paste of this mixture and apply on the dark circles, leave the same for 10 minutes. Then wash your eyes gently. Repeat it for few days and you will see the drastic improvement. A very good homemade natural remedy for eyes dark circle. Note: Use this remedy in morning, not in the night.
  • There are some other pastes which you can prepare and apply. Apply rose water. Apply Milk with some honey. Apply paste of papaya.

milk-and-honey-natural home remedy for eyes dark circle

  • Another very helpful paste you can prepare with Flour, Orange Juice and with Honey. Rub this paste on edges of eyes where the dark circles are. Leave it again same for 15 min and wash it gently after it. This will be very good dadi maa ka nuskha.
  • Cucumber is one of the old friend for eyes dark circle. Have two slice of Cucumber and let them leave on complete eyes and massage them after a while. This will cure all kind of eyes dark circle and give a younger look to your eyes. Try this very common and readily available tips at home. A natural remedy for eyes dark circles.
  • Include Vaseline on eyebrows as part of your daily makeup.

Natural Diets To Cure Eyes Dark Circles And A Healthy Body

  • Take Carrot Juice Daily In The Season

Carrot-natural remedy for eye dark circle

  • Mix some tomato juice in Carrot juice for better result
  • Have papaya in fruits.
  • Take diets which has Iron supplements.

natural remedy for eye dark circle

Dadi maa ka special nuskha

Apply the aloe vera gel will remove your dark circle in a very few days than any other remedy. Make sure you have pure aloe vera gel and nothing is mixed with it. If possible then cut the aloe vera leaf fresh and use it when you would like to apply.

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