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Thursday, March 24, 2011

3e4501f58d26175b169519be2435653f--peopleDark circles around under eyes is the most common thing which can be seen in almost every individual now a days specially in metro cities. Around 5 out of ten people have dark circles under the eyes and there is no specific medicine for them which doesn’t has side effects.

The best solution to care dark circles is to use dadi maa (grannies) homely remedies.

Natural Home Remedies For Eyes Dark Circles

  1. Take one teaspoon tomato juice, half (½) teaspoon lemon juice, a small pinch of turmeric (haldi) powder and a little gram flour (besan). Mix all of them and make a paste and apply it under eyes. Leave this paste around the eyes for nearly 10 minute and wash it off. Famous home remedies for dark circles under eyes.
  2. Drink tomato juice with a few mint leaves, little lemon juice and salt w Soak cotton wool in cucumber (kheera) or potato juice & apply around the eyes. You will find a change in 2 to 3 weeks. This is a very useful dark circles remedy.
  3. Boil half (½) teaspoon fennel seeds (saunf) in a cup of water untill it is reduced to half and cool it for some time. Use as eye drops. Caution: Make sure about the contamination use it in same proportion. Good Home Remedy for Dark Circles.
  4. Make a mixture of crushed almonds with a few drops of milk and prepare a paste. Apply this paste under eyes every morning for ten minutes. It’s a very good remedy for eyes dark circles and face skin care. This remedy is very simple and good home remedies for dark circles under eyes
  5. Use cotton balls dipped in rose water under the eyes at effective area for 10 minutes daily very useful for eyes.

Best Nutritions For Eyes Dark Circles:

  • Eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin E for healthy eyes.
  • The cream applied under the eyes should not be left for longer time.
  • Vitamin C and iron together help to reduce the eyes dark circles.


What Are The Reasons For Dark Circles
  • Age is the main reason for dark circles. As with the preceding age the skin becomes thinner and the veins under the eyes become more prominent.
  • Another of main reason is the lack of Sleep.
  • Stress or depression are the main reason of eyes dark circle in metro cities.
  • Lack of balanced diet can cause various deficiencies in the body and ultimately the under eye circles
  • Hyper pigmentation cause skin damage around the eyes.
  • Sun exposure caused skin damage and responsible for eyes dark circles.
  • Excess use of drugs and medicines

Ways to prevent the eyes dark circles

  • Use sunglasses whenever going out in sun light and protect the eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Drinking plenty of water helps in lightening the dark circles under the eyes.

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Deepak DurejaIndiaDeepak Dureja said:

don't have slippers & orange juice! I have vitamins but you need all 3 for the cure to work!

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