Home remedies for Heel Pain

Thursday, March 10, 2011

16.aiHeel pain can be caused by a number of reasons. It is curable at home with out using any medicine. there are many good home remedies which can be used to cure the heel pain. Also there are lots of grannies (Dadi Maa) suggestion which are helpful in prevent the heel pain.

Causes of Heel Pain:

  1. Excessive walk/run or abnormal walking.
  2. Poor Posture or long time stand
  3. Uncomfortable or wrong kind of shoes
  4. Minerals inefficiency
  5. sugar or diabetic tendencies

Dadi Maa Ki Natural Remedy:

Mix carom seeds (ajwain), onion seeds (kalaunji), fenugreek seeds (methi daana) and saboot isabgol in equal amounts.Have 1 tablespoon every day first thing in the morning. If you like you can grind them slightly in the mixer - makes it more effective. This treatment takes a couple of months but is a sure shot remedy.


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Homely Natural Remedies:

  • Start taking mineral supplement foods that includes the proper calcium and magnesium.
  • Do some massage on your heel and toe with a ice jar. You can also use foot rollers.
  • Start some stretches like calf stretch and heel stretch, prevent heel pain.
  • Start drink plenty of water, a very good natural remedy for many problems.
  • Loose some of your weight if you are an over weight. This could also solve your problem.

How to Prevent the Heel Pain

  • Throw your shoes immediately if their heel have worn down. Buy new shoes with proper shock absorbent soles.
  • Avoid alcohol as much as possible.

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my siteDominican Republicmy site said:

If your doctor or family members suggest this type of treatment, take them up on it. The prosecution must provide evidence of the contempt.

VandanaIndiaVandana said:

Can the above treatment be taken for Legs and knee pain ?

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