Top 10 Healthy Tips To Reduce Hair Fall

Thursday, February 10, 2011
Top-10-Tips-For-Hair-Fall-ControlHere are top 10 healthy hair fall dadi maa remedies, which not only control your hair fall but also make them strong, long and shiny. 
Hair loss and balding are common problems among individuals. There are so many reasons for hair fall - Usage of harsh cosmetics, strong lights, brushing hairs very vigorously, a sudden shift in the life style or environment is another likely reason. Dadi maa suggest following homely remedies to cure hair fall by a good hair care routine and making changes to your diet and lifestyle.

1. Trimming your hair frequently will help significantly and will also get rid off any split ends and damaged hair. 

2. Make sure that you only use hair care products that are meant specifically for your hair type. 

3. Try to use natural products rather than shampoos and conditioners that have a lot of chemicals. 

4. Make sure that you rinse out your hair thoroughly after using any shampoo or conditioner to get rid of any residue that could be left behind. 

5. Oil your hair regularly and when doing so also massage your scalp gently as this will help stimulate the sebaceous glands in your scalp that produce natural oil. This oil helps protect the hair follicles and reduces breakage. Lavender oil is a good option and many in fact believe that it helps promote hair growth.

6. Make sure that you deep condition your hair at least once a month. 

7. Applying an egg on the hair is another old remedy that is very effective.

8. After applying the mixture to your hair use a shower cap to contain your body heat. This will enlarge the pores within your hair follicles and allow for better absorption. This deep conditioner will fortify your hair and prevent or minimize hair fall. 

9. In addition to this apply coconut milk to your hair at least once a week and leave over night. This will nourish your hair and strengthen it.

10. A healthy diet and routine with fresh fruits and vegetables forming the bulk of the diet is advisable, but make sure that your diet is balanced and provides you with all the nutrients you need. Fruits and vegetables alone may not provide you with all the necessary nutrients and you may require dietary supplements.
You need to eat food in a balanced proportion.  Include plenty of milk, butter milk and soy products, whole grains in your diet.
Above remedies are very helpful in hair fall, but still if your hair loss persist then please consult doctor to properly treat your hair.  Below are few hair loss treatment sites.

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