Natural Herbal Homemade Fairness Remedy And Tonic For Natural Glow On Body, Face and Skin

Saturday, July 3, 2010
Dadi Maa says that the best remedy to get fairness and to lighten the color of your skin, is start from your home. What you need to do just follow the below mentioned step and get Fairer. Dadi Maa Ki Skin Glow And Fairness Remedy Nuskha

1. The first step you must take from home is to never step out into the sun without applying a layer of sunscreen lotion.
    Fresh aloe vera gel works better than any sunscreen, you can plant them at your home.
2. This will immediately stop your skin from getting darker in the first place. It does not matter even if you are planning to be out for a short while.
3. Just ensure that your skin never sees the sun directly and half your problem will be solved.

4. You should cleanse your skin everyday to ensure that your dirt and grime from the day does not stick around while you sleep.

5. The last step you need to follow is to apply a daily night pack made with
    a bit of almond powder + a strand or two of saffron + a bit of yogurt.
6. You can also apply cucumber juice to your skin to tone it very effectively. This will also contribute towards fairer skin.

Dadi Maa Special Home Remedy For Skin complexion

Mix equal quantities of almond oil and honey and apply on the face. Leave this pack to dry and then peel it off. This will make your skin fairer and smooth.

Precautions to protect your skin from sun exposure

  • Always use sunscreen of SPF of 15 or more before 1 hour, while going outside.
  • Use umbrella, while going outside.
  • Wear sunglasses that protect your eyes from UV
  • Avoid going outside during scorching summers or limit your time in the sun.
  • Wear clothing that covers most of the part of your body
  • Wear a hat to protect your head and face

Updated on 17th April 2014

Natural Herbal Homemade Skin Tonic To Get Natural Glow On Body, Face and Skin

1. Take Neem leaves – one handful.

2. Take Guava leaves - 8 to 10 leaves.

3. Take Tulsi/Basil leaves- one handful.

4. Put all the leaves in a bowl with half liter of water.

5. Crush and mix all the leaves

6. Keep this mixture overnight.

7. Next day in the morning, strain and squeeze the crushed leaves. Store it for a couple of days.

8. Wash your cleansed face using the Natural herbal tonic.

9. You may keep this in a refrigerator and use it for a couple of days.  It can also be used with face packs as a solvent.  You can transfer this to a spray bottle and spray it directly on your face and feel refreshed.

Neems has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which keeps your skin free of acne and other infections. Guava leaves has astringent property which keeps your skin tight and wrinkle free. It also works perfect for pimples too. 

Tulsi leaves keep the glow to your skin and keeps it healthy.

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